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[11 Nov 2006|07:02am]

I don't know if anyone actually reads this anymore, but I'm going crazy and I feel like this is the only place to go.

I had a dream about camp last night for the first time in awhile. It's tormenting me so much that I can't fall back to sleep. It just occured to me how much I truly miss Hess Kramer. Now matter how long you stay away from it, it always managest ot creep up on you at the worst of times.

I'm having the hardest time deciding what to do this summer. I could go to camp, Israel, or stay home and work or something of the sort. Up until now, Spain and Israel was the only thing on my mind, but now I can't stop thinking about camp.

I want your honest opinion, and I want you to look at it not from the "Camp will always be your home and you'll love it" point of view, but from the "you didn't go last year and everyone your age is staff where as you'll be a CIT and you missed out on a big expereience by not going last year and it wouldn't be the same" point of view.

I really could see myself going back to camp, where as yesterday it was the last thing on my mind. I'm just scared that for some reason, some part of it wouldn't be the same.

I have my application sitting in my drawer. It's calling my name. I have no idea what I should do. I need you guys!!!
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Alumni Shabbat @ GHC [29 Jul 2006|03:31pm]

For those that read this and not the GHC community... I just did a post reflecting on the Alumni Shabbat my daughter and I attended last night at Hilltop, and my reactions thereto.
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[20 Jun 2006|09:43pm]

Leadership 2006
Gray and Red

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[16 Jun 2006|06:40pm]

So I was thinking about how I'm not going to camp this summer (I'm not like particularly upset about it or anything) but like I'm not going because I guess that stage in my life is over, or something.

Anyway I remember in L04 we did an activity about our Jewish identity and all mine was was camp. So since I've lost camp most of the people in it, do I have a Jewish identity anymore?
I didn't get a Bar Mitzvah and my family celebrates Christmas with Hannukah on the side. Jew camp was all that really tied me to that religion so yeah I pretty much conclude that I have no Jewish identity anymore (other than my jewish mother and my jewfro.)
ISNT THAT SAD??? im not sad about it.

Have a great summer!
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[08 Apr 2006|09:09pm]

I don't know if any of you have seen commercials for or heard about the new HBO movie "Walkout",
but a good 10-15 minute scene is filmed at Kramer.
I screamed a little when I saw it.
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[13 Feb 2006|10:29pm]


give up? jewish camp.
I volunteered as a counselor for a Grant Elementery 5th-grade science camp.
Probably the last time I'll be at CHK

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[23 Jan 2006|08:11pm]

Two Thousand and Six

Who's in?
Who isn't?
Who didn't apply?

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[03 Jan 2006|07:24pm]

I'm writing an autobiography for Euro and I wrote a paragraph about camp that I want you all to read
I think you can understand this more than anyone


For the past three year my brother had attended Camp Hess Kramer on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Every summer I remember saying goodbye to him as he left for sleep away camp. I remember how excited he would be when he left, and how sad he would be when he returned. I could tell there was something special about this place and I wanted to experience it for myself. It was mid July of my twelfth summer. Being the over dramatic preteen that I was, I was filled with so many feelings on the ride to the bus stop. I was excited to see what all the hype about this place was about. I was nervous for myself because I didn’t know anyone. I was sad to leave my family, seeing as I had never been away from them for so long. But most of all, I was happy. I was Happy to start my new life. Maybe this was the start of something special. I believed it was a chance for my to really find myself, both mentally and spiritually because it was a Jewish camp. At the end of those three and a half weeks, I came home more than I could have ever hoped or anticipated. I came home with a new sense of self, a new understanding of my faith, new friends, and a new hole in my heart that I knew couldn’t be filled until the next year when I was back on that yellow bus, driving down PCH to that place that I now considered my home. Agoura was just a city where I would be forced to live in for eleven months before I could return to the place where my life began again, a place where I would continue to return to for four more years. Four years filled with love, happiness, and most of all, the people I considered my family.


It just hit me that I'm not going back this summer. I haven't cried this hard in so long. I miss it. I miss all of you. Fuck you, why do you have to have such an impact on people. I don't know what to do with myself. Why did I think i could last a summer without you? FUCK. this just, sucks.
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Reunion / Applications Out [16 Nov 2005|10:50am]

For those who may be unaware of this:
  • I just received the announcement of this year's camp reunion. It is Sunday, December 18, 2005 from 1pm to 4pm. Hilltop will be open to visit, as well as CHK. The note indicates that RSVPs go to Cheryl at wbtcamps@aol.com or WBT, x411, before 12/15.

  • Included with the note was the application form for the Summer 2006 sessions, so those should now be available somehow. Now to figure out which one my daughter is willing to go to....
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Surreal [24 Oct 2005|06:01pm]

Really, there is no easy way to put this. However, I'm sure that most of you have already heard.

Jess Herron, one of the happiest and sweetest counselors at Kramer this summer, was killed in a car accident last night.

I don't know all of the details, but I thought that everyone should be made aware of this tragic event.

She was all smiles, and really, this is all too surreal.

Rest In Peace
Jessica Herron 1986-2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


"Dear WBT Camps community,

It is with much sadness that I write to you today. Jessica Herron, an SC at Camp Hess Kramer passed away yesterday in Irvine, CA.

Jessica was traveling in a car with her parents and younger brother and was involved in a collision. Jessica's father sustained serious injuries and her brother suffered a broken arm. Jessica's sister Lindsay was not in the car.

The entire camp community mourns the loss of Jessica, and her family is in our hearts.

We remember Jessica as a wonderful young woman, full of energy and love. Her impact on our campers and the positive influence she had on them ensures that her life was a blessing to others.

Funeral services are TENTATIVELY scheduled for Thursday, October 27th at 1:00 PM. The services will TENTATIVELY be held at Congregation Shir-Ha-Ma'alot in Irvine (http://www.shmtemple.org/). I will try to update you when things are finalized.

We have been in touch with Congregation Shir-Ha-Ma'alot and they are asking that we do not contact the family yet.

May all out thoughts and prayers be with the family, and may Jessica's memory be a blessing.

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[12 Oct 2005|05:34pm]
so, is anyone doing the year long CIT program?
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[03 Oct 2005|03:51pm]

Today the kid behind me in English started singing Danny's song. And I, started crying.


Has there been anything so far this school year that was completely unintentional, but made you think back to camp?
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Ahhhh.... Camp [11 Sep 2005|05:25pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Just got back from the Alumni Day at camp. Ahhh. There's just something about being up there that recharges the soul. Did a little copper enameling (and found out my knowledge there was still good), and attempted (but failed) to do the newer dances. It would help if I could tell my right from my left without having to think about it. Then again, it took me three years to learn the yeminite step in Ma Navu (you know... lean lean step turn step together step... aren't those the words?). I had fun wearing my 1975-era camp shirt, and my daughter wore her 1971-era "Hilltop" sweatshirt, as well as the 1988 Alumni Weekend T-shirt.

Didn't meet any other livejournalers up there, but I'm sure some were there. I also got to see some old friends (for example, Tom Redler, who was a teacher of mine in Religious School and the original Chief Texaco and a 1950 CHK alumni), but there were a lot fewer folks from my years there than I would have expected. I did find it interesting how entire periods of camp history seem to be reconned away (retroactive continuity): there's never any mention of Paul Roberts, who was camp director between Steve and Howard, nor of any of the directors of Hilltop (starting with Steve Makeoff and Chuck Feldman).

I am glad to seem them attempting to rebuild the camp alumni association: I've been on it since it was the "Camp Commission" and then "Friends of the Camp". There are whole eras of alumni missing, though, or at least they didn't come to the event today.

They are already talking about another event, and they say it will be at Hilltop. GHC or CHK... I'll be there. It recharges my soul.

[Crossposted to cahwyguy, chk_is_life, and ghc_for_life]

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L05's project [08 Sep 2005|07:11pm]

So I meant to post these pictures weeks ago when I got back,
but better late then never..I hope you guys enjoy these:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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I want to be a little flower growing on your door. [03 Sep 2005|09:29pm]

What is this camp reunion thing? I've only heard about it from Megan. Has anyone else heard anything?

EDIT: PSYCH. My parents JUST told me about it.

Is anyone going?
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[09 Aug 2005|02:52am]

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[08 Jul 2005|10:17am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i know we already knew this, but it's just so depressing to receive a letter confirming it.
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Re: Just a little preveiw... [27 Jun 2005|03:43pm]

[ mood | camp ]

CIT is amazing, we get campers on Wednesday, we're on our day off, summer is sweet.

the whole world is a very narrow bridgeCollapse )

It is the most fufilling thing ever to walk past all the little kids waiting to be let into the dining hall before every meal. I'm mostly excited for 2nd session though because Israeli dancing will be longer.

Your Pal, Jake

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a story & you know you're camp loser when... (part 2, continued) [22 Jun 2005|03:20pm]
#1 my french teacher played the song during part of our final (of which name i forgot). but i stood up and yelled. "ROY- ROY ROY ROY- ROY ROY ROYYYYYYY" you know, that song.

#2 you know you're a camp loser when... you're not at camp yet.

look on the bright side...Collapse )
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think pink? [19 Jun 2005|07:57pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Yeah so I don't know how many of you have heard but no more 'Leadership 2005 Think Pink'. We're navy. Who would have guessed. =/ Pretty wierd if you ask me. What does everyone think about this?

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